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Inspire2Adventure are specialists in creating tailormade team building events to deliver your desired outcomes. Events include:

Fun and adventure with inspireCorparate TrainingI would definitely recommend using Inspire consulting and coaching Ltd. The accommodation was excellent, very clean and modern and the whole team enjoyed the day. Thank you.

All our events are tailormade to your specific aims and objectives. So if you are looking for an away day to reward your team members we can offer a selection of outdoor adventure activities where colleagues can interact in a fun and challenging environment. Activities are available year round and can be designed to fit a multi activity day programme; or you may want to hold a meeting in the morning and spend the rest of the day canoeing, climbing, raft building – the choice is yours!

Outdoor adventure activities are an excellent training tool and have the additional benefit of providing your colleagues with the opportunity to promote trust, team work, communication and decision making. With a low trainer to delegate ratio, Inspire design all team building and development courses incorporating command/problem solving tasks and outdoor activities to enhance team dynamics and develop key team skills.

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Case Studies

Weekend Away – Activity Weekend

Client: 40 delegates from a national trade association.
Objective: To host a team building event encouraging networking opportunities, bonding and having fun in a challenging environment. Inspire designed a two day programme of activities and organised accommodation.

On arrival delegates from all over the UK were split into four teams and completed an ice breaker activity so they could meet the other group members.

Day one: Each team had to complete rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering and problem solving. Points were awarded for successfully completing each activity and bonus points gained for finishing within the time constraints. The points were then carried over to day two’s activity.

Day two: Build a raft and paddle their teams out to an island to collect the hidden treasure. Teams had to bid for equipment using their points as currency to enable them to build their rafts. The winning team was the first team to return with the treasure.

This client returned to Inspire in 2005 and completed a similar event using different activities and are now in the process of planning their 2006 event.

Team Challenges and Command Tasks

Client: A group of 12 who worked as a team.
Objective: For the group to learn to work more cohesively as a team, support each other and have fun with some personal challenges.

The day was designed in two specific halves. The morning was designed for the group to bond and build up communication and trust. This was acheived via a programme that consisted of a set of command tasks encouraging the group to work together to achieve common objectives within time constraints. Some tasks were creative, others physical, but all required effective and efficient team work to achieve. Review sessions were built into these tasks so that the group could measure progress, performance, strengths and weaknesses and were able to modify strategies. This ensured that by the afternoon they were a more effective team thereby allowing them to complete the afternoon challenge.

In the afternoon session the team completed a series of high level rope course elements. This activity required team members to trust, to have confidence in their colleague’s ability physically and to provide emotional support for each other. The team completed all the elements that culminated in some team members being 15 metres off the ground.

What are Command Tasks?

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