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Corporate Team Building

Choose below which type of event you are looking for and let us know which ones you are interested in and will we get back to you with availability and pricing.

Team building will encourage the best from your team!

Are you looking for a team building away day that concentrates on specific areas within your team; or has been newly formed and merged? Or are you organising a team building event that promotes team bonding, communication, planning, co-operation, and team growth along with part of the day allocated to having fun?

Team Building exercises with inspireCorparate Training

Inspire2Adventure offers total flexibility on the type of event that you wish to hold and can design a team building event that solely focuses on specific issues that you are experiencing as a team that you wish to change. Using various problem solving elements your team will be challenged, use decision making skills, and reviewed in order to improve team dynamics. If you would like to find out how Inspire2Adventure can help you, please give us a call (01600 891515) or email with your requirements. We then will contact you to discuss your event in detail. These events can be held as a ½ or full day.

Prices start from £50 per person including all activity and safety equipment. Duration approximately 3 ½ hours for a ½ day to 7 hours for a full day.

You may choose to hold a ½ day team building event to improve your team’s performance, and decide that you would like to have some fun by rewarding your colleagues with the chance to try one of our outdoor adventure activities. These events are a great way to seriously look at a team’s performance, and to promote team growth by participating in activities to bond your group as well as to have some fun! Please call us on 01600 891515 or email with your requirements and we will contact you to discuss your event in more detail.

Prices start from £80 per person and includes all activity and safety equipment. Duration approximately 7 hours.

Your team will work in small groups, have the opportunity to spend quality time in unfamiliar surroundings to break down any existing barriers, to promote close team work, stimulate interaction between colleagues, and encourage teams to support each other both physically and emotionally to develop relationships and trust. We use a variety of tasks and outdoor adventure activities with programmes to highlight and review areas within the team that need improvement. Some tasks will require lateral thinking, others a creative flair. All activities require good team work as the tasks are designed to test the abilities as well as to have fun.

Activities are not a test of strength and endurance and are designed to cater for all ages and abilities.

Please call (01600 891515) or email us to find out how Inspire can help your team.

Consultation — Identify needs and design course

Discussion on your requirements, business needs and to set the course objectives. We will review the proposed programme with you before implementation.

Delivery — Working towards desired outcomes

Team event. This will involve the group performing various exercises and activities that will highlight the objectives set. The event is finished off by a debriefing session that will allow the group to identify areas that can be taken back to their working environment, and ideas on how these can be implemented.

Review and course follow up

Task reviews will take place at the end of each task so as the day progresses the team will learn about their strengths and weaknesses, resulting in solving problems more effectively and increasing productivity. At the end of the course a more in depth review will take place.

Dear Inspire...

“I would like to thank you for a well planned and interesting, enjoyable day of team building. The responses from the team have been positive. They felt that you were in attendance at all times during the canoeing to ensure that everyone felt safe and that you did not belittle anyone who was not quite going in the right direction!”

Team Building
Features Benefits
Working in small groups Break down barriers, close team work, cohesion happens quickly.
Responsibility Passing on technical knowledge and ensuring colleague’s safety.
Team encouragement Supporting colleagues in difficult situations.
Being able to experience the same as colleagues A sense of empathy.
Physical support and help Understanding when and if to help both physically and emotionally.
Planning To develop strategies to complete a task and modify as required – Plan Do Review.
Taking the lead Leadership of the team through a task or challenge.
Interaction with colleagues The opportunity to work with colleagues in an unfamiliar environment and possibly a challenging environment.
Reviewing performance To evaluate performance against the task or objective and develop strategies to improve future performance and how these can be used in the workplace.
Tailored to organisations specific needs Delivers customers desired outcomes.
Pushing the edges of your comfort zone Pushing yourself with personal challenge.
Problem solving Identifying problems, proposing solutions and working with your colleagues to achieve a common goal.
Range of tasks and exercises Something for everyone allowing colleagues to build on core skills of being a team. The final task requiring the whole group to work together to achieve success.
Rotation of team players roles Interaction, break down barriers and opportunities to lead your colleagues to build relationships and trust within the group.
Real time feedback Ability to create change.
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