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Team Building Events & Company days out

Looking for team building away days that concentrates on specific areas within your team or has your team been newly formed and merged? Alternatively you could be organising a team building event to promote bonding, communication, planning, co-operation, and team growth along with part of the day to have fun?

Adventure outdoor activities are an excellent training tool and have the additional benefit of providing your colleagues with the opportunity to promote trust, team work, communication and decision making. With a low trainer to delegate ratio Inspire2Advenuture design team building events that incorporate command/problem solving tasks and outdoor activities to enhance development of team key team dynamics and skills.  We offer flexibility and events can be a half day in duration, day, or multi day.

Canoeing on the River Wye an ideal fun team building activity in the Forest of Dean & Wye Valley
Team building event challenge day in The Forest of Dean & Wye Valley

Half a day option

Prices start from £45 per person including all activity and safety equipment. Duration approximately 3 ½ hours.

To improve team’s performance including an element of fun.  This may be a specific team challenge or one of our outdoor adventure activities.  These events are a great way to look at a team’s performance, promote team growth by participating in activities, and to bond your group through fun! 

Full day option

Prices start from £85 per person and includes all activity and safety equipment. Duration approximately 7 hours.

Teams will work in small groups, have the opportunity to spend quality time in unfamiliar surroundings to break down any existing barriers, promote close team work, stimulate interaction between colleagues, encourage teams to support each other both physically/emotionally to develop relationships and trust.  We use a variety of tasks and outdoor adventure activities to highlight and review areas within the team that need improvement.  Tasks will require lateral thinking and others a creative flair.  All activities require good team work as tasks are designed to test ability as well as to have fun.

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Essential Fact File

Discussion on your requirements to identify needs, set objectives and a design course.  

Working towards desired outcomes.  Involves the group performing various activities that will highlight the objectives set. The event is finished off by a debriefing session that will allow the group to identify areas that can be taken back to their working environment.

Review and course follow up
Task reviews will take place at the end of each task.  As the day progresses the team will learn their strengths and weaknesses that results in solving problems more effectively.  A final review is held at the end of the event.

What are Command Tasks?

Tasks that are designed to examine specific areas of team dynamics.
Tasks highlights specific areas such as planning, communication, decision making.
Dependent on teams ability to work together to achieve a successful outcome.
Physical and cerebral tasks.
Examples include spiders web, traffic jam, minefield crossing, & twin tube recovery.

We run our events

For small teams & large groups of up to 50 delegates
Every day of the week
Satellite teams